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Ranking The College Rankings, Ratings & Reviews

BCR Rankings of The College Rankings, Ratings & Reviews

There are numerous College Rankings, Ratings & Reviews. BestCollegeRanks.com attempts to resolve the confused marketplace by providing a Ranking of the various Rankings. The College Ranking business has become a major business almost as big as the College Marketing business itself. College Rankings have become important to many Colleges, particularly Private Colleges which need to market their high priced education to students. This has lead to the fact that many Colleges and particularly private colleges vigorously market themselves to the major College Rankers, particular in their attempts to meet the Ranker's rating criteria. In such an environment students and parents must be careful when viewing rankings as they may be influenced by those who market the most and not necessarily by those who educate the best. There have been several unethical practices by major colleges well documented in recent years as the financial pressures to fill seats in very expensive colleges has become more and more of a problem for such institutions.

See All College Listings at: http://bestcollegeranks.com/pages/view/145/listing-of-us-colleges

BCR College Rankings

Pros: Personalized ranking evaluation and report which applies a student's attributes to traditional college attributes.
Cons: Requires students to complete an online form and wait for their Personalized Analytical Institutional Report.

BestCollegeRanks.com does not rank colleges without utilizing student attributes as a factor. BCR feels that the Best College is a relative concept based upon many varying "Individual Student Attributes" added to the more traditional "College Attribute Based Rankings". Student attributes such as: Intended course of study, Undergraduate, Graduate or Professional Intentions, Age, Time, Location, Personality, Financial assets, Personal support, and others should all be factored into the equation of deciding what College is actually the best for any student. Often there may be several colleges that satisfy the requirement as best for a student at any point in time. BCR therefore provides a free personalized evaluation and report which applies a student's attributes to traditional college attributes.

BestCollegeRanks.com will provide any requesting student or parent a free and detailed Analytical Institutional Report on up to five of the institutions which a student may be considering attending. Students or parents who complete our special online form will receive their personalized Analytical Report usually within one week. The Report will also provide recommended options for Independent Private College Advisors who can provide in-person private consultation if needed. 

See BCR College Reviews at: http://bestcollegeranks.com/pages/view/178/bcr-college-reviews

U.S. News & World Reports Rankings (USNWR)

Pros: Most popular following, large distribution, various rankings
Cons: Appears highly skewed towards private colleges, and northeastern instituitons. May be vulnerable to colleges marketing to and for USNWR criteria

There are several major rankings the most visible being the U.S. News & World Reports Rankings (USNWR). USWNR which used to be a news magazine now operates as a private rating agency for many items. USNWR College Rankings have come under a prodigious amount of criticism from many fronts and has inspired the rise of several other highly visible Ranking systems. BCRs Review of USNWR College Rankings reveals that it is highly and favorably skewed to private colleges and northeastern private institutions. Some critics claim that its Rankings are also highly influenced by the marketing efforts of colleges that intentionally attempt to market and report data that will favorably impact the Ranking results. USNWR has attempted to quell its numerous critics by adopting additional criteria, and by producing Rankings other than its traditonal Ranking such as ones based on affordability of colleges and other college attributes. The various USNWR College Rankings can be viewed at http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges.

The following are selected excerpts of a few other Rankings ......

Top 50 Colleges & Universities in America

With this inaugural 2011-2012 edition of The Best Colleges Top 50 Colleges and Universities in America we set out to create a college ranking that exceeds all the others in focusing on what really matters to students and those who may be helping foot the bill for their education. We’ve gone beyond investigating standard indicators of academic quality and student satisfaction used by other major ranking systems to also consider indicators of the economic value of a school and the quality of life offered by the city or town it is located in.

The Princeton Review's College Rankings Are Here!

Check out the lists below to see the top schools in 62 categories based on our surveys of 122,000 students. Learn more about our methodology.

For details on each of the 377 schools featured, grab a copy of The Best 377 Colleges, 2013 Edition, available in a print and —for the first time!— in an enhanced eBook format, with lots of extras including videos, photos and links to other useful resources.

America's Top Colleges

Michael Noer, Forbes Staff

College is outrageously expensive. Four years at an elite, private school like the University of Chicago (#4) or Stanford (#3) costs more than a quarter of a million dollars. A degree from a more affordable state school, like the College of William & Mary (#40) or the University of California, Berkeley (#50), still costs around $100,000, even for “in-state” students, who pay less in tuition.

Is it worth it? For many students, the answer is probably not –unless they are accomplished enough to be accepted by one of the schools ranked near the top of our annual list of America’s 650 Top Colleges.

The rankings, which are compiled exclusively for Forbes by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for College Affordability and Productivity, focus on the things that matter the most to students: quality of teaching, great career prospects, high graduation rates and low-levels of debt. They do not attempt to assess a school’s reputation, nor are they a measure of academic selectivity and we pointedly ignore any metrics that would encourage schools to engage in wasteful spending.

Kiplinger's Best Values in Private Colleges

October 2012 

Compare the 200 top values in liberal-arts colleges or private universities, or create your own custom lists of colleges from our rankings or schools from a particular state. Use the arrows at the top of any column of data to rank any list of colleges by cost and financial-aid measures. For more information on a particular college, click the college's name.

Read more: http://www.kiplinger.com/tools/privatecolleges/#ixzz2AYxSJwhD
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