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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Revision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding the best college is a major problem for most students and parents. There are many factors which come into play. There are more than 5000 non-profit colleges in the United States alone, not including an increasing and dizzying array of online-only colleges, and for-profit  colleges. College education is now big business with significant expense involved. Many now question whether spending the time, money and energy to attend college is worth it.

BestCollegeRanks.com provides a practical in depth look at the question of which college is best for you, based on the various attributes that pertain to you. BestCollegeRanks.com takes a wholistic view of the question and process. The site provides comprehensive narrative reviews based on an informed analysis of the institutions, industry, and typical student attributes and desires.

BestCollegeRanks.com will also provide any requesting student or parent a free and detailed Personal Analytical Institutional Report (PAIR) on up to three of the institutions which a student may be considering attending. The Report will also include three BCR recommendations in addition to the anlysis of the three Student choices. Students or parents who complete our special online form will receive their personalized Analytical Report usually within one week.

Students, Parents, and Colleges may also register on the Site and utilize the interactive social media features of BestCollegeRanks.com to host their own reviews, information, and discussions.

Best College Ranks & Reviews
BestCollegeRanks.com does not rank colleges without student attributes as a factor. BCR feels that the Best College is a relative concept based upon many varying "Individual Student Attributes" added to the more traditional "College Attribute Based Rankings". Student attributes such as: Intended course of study, Undergraduate, Graduate or Professional Intentions, Age, Time, Location, Personality, Financial assets, Personal support, and others should all be factored into the equation of deciding what College is actually the best for any student. Often there may be several colleges that satisfy the requirement as best for a student at any point in time. BCR therefore provides a free personalized evaluation and report which applies a student's attributes to traditional college attributes.

There are numerous College Rankings, Ratings & Reviews BestCollegeRanks.com attempts to resolve the confused marketplace by providing a Ranking of the various Rankings. The College Ranking business has become a major business almost as big as the College Marketing business itself. College Rankings have become important to many Colleges, particularly Private Colleges which need to market their high priced education to students. This has lead to the fact that many Colleges and particularly private colleges vigorously market themselves to the major College Rankers, particular in their attempts to meet the Ranker's rating criteria. In such an environment students and parents must be careful when viewing rankings as they may be influenced by those who market the most and not necessarily by those who educate the best. There have been several unethical practices by major colleges well documented in recent years as the financial pressures to fill seats in very expensive colleges has become more and more of a problem for such institutions.

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