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Here's why hurricane hunters fly their planes in weird patterns into storms

The second half of hurricane season is here and there have already been 15 named storms to keep hurricane hunters busy. But have you ever noticed hurricane hunters' flight patterns shown by meteorologists on TV look like random, odd shapes?

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 6:23 am

Searches continue in Wyoming for Gabby Petito and in Florida for her fiance

As local and federal agencies search for Gabby Petito in a Rocky Mountain national park, law enforcement are also working to locate her fiancé Brian Laundrie, who his family says has not been seen since Tuesday.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 6:08 am

Vaccine boosters are on the horizon. But the unvaccinated remain the biggest obstacle

While more people are likely to be eligible for Covid-19 vaccine booster shots, the most glaring issue prolonging the pandemic is the large swath of unvaccinated people, who are filling up hospitals and dying from the persistent virus, officials and health experts said.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 5:58 am

Australia had 'deep and grave' concerns about French submarines' capabilities, PM says

• Why new defense pact is fueling anger

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 5:11 am

After 169 hospitals, a dad finally got the Covid-19 care he needed -- and changed dozens of skeptics' minds

Every breath Robby Walker takes is one that almost didn't happen.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 4:04 am

Richard Branson hates cruise ships, so why'd he build one?

When you step into the Scarlet Lady cruise ship, you know immediately you're on Richard Branson's ship.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 3:24 am

The Black Film Archive wants to show the world just how limitless Black cinema really is

Though they go by different names, almost every major streaming service has some type of "Black film" collection, often promoted during the month of February or, during 2020's Black Lives Matter protests, in the summer.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 3:05 am

Why Anderson Cooper is finally embracing his roots

Anderson Cooper says that as a kid, in particular, he avoided mentioning his kinship to the Vanderbilts, one of America's richest families during the Gilded Age. Today, that association still makes him "cringe," he says, but "after my mom's death and when my son Wyatt was born, I began to wonder what I would actually tell him one day about that branch of his family tree." 

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 2:02 am

College professor recognizes 17th century masterpiece hanging in a nearby church

A simple act led to an art history professor discovering a 17th century masterpiece that was thought to have been missing.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 1:28 am

Cuba vaccinates children as young as 2 in strategy to reopen schools, economy

The Cuban children sat in a Havana hospital watching a brightly painted clown perform his earsplitting act. They were not there for the performance, but were waiting their turn to receive one of Cuba's homegrown Covid vaccines.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 12:29 am

In Canada and Germany, the climate crisis is finally on the ballot. But can it win?

It was just last week that Canada's British Columbia finally ended its state of emergency, more than two months after wildfires tore through parts of the province and reduced an entire village and its surroundings to ash.

Posted on 19 September 2021 | 12:02 am

Historic all-civilian space flight splashes down off Florida coast

• Rare photos show the early years of NASA's space shuttle era

Posted on 18 September 2021 | 10:29 pm

The Murdaugh family saga: A tangled web of secrets and murder

A powerful family. A deadly boating accident. Two mysterious slayings. Drug addiction, stolen money and a botched shooting in an alleged insurance fraud scheme.

Posted on 18 September 2021 | 8:49 pm

One of Asia's most prestigious universities is on the frontline of a battle for democracy

Students and lecturers at Hong Kong's most prestigious university returned from summer break this month to a very different institution.

Posted on 18 September 2021 | 8:32 pm