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N. Korea: No diplomacy until missiles ready

A North Korean official reaffirmed Pyongyang's commitment to developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching "all the way to the East coast of the mainland US," on Monday, telling CNN that the rogue nation is currently not interested in diplomacy with the US until it achieves that goal.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 6:19 pm

Marawi liberated after 5-month siege, Duterte says

The Philippines city of Marawi has been liberated from ISIS-affiliated militants following a five-month standoff, President Rodrigo Duterte announced Tuesday, according to CNN Philippines.

Posted on 17 October 2017 | 3:26 am

Trump gets low marks for storm response

President Donald Trump's approval rating for handling the federal government's response to recent hurricanes has dropped 20 points in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 11:25 pm

Mudslide hits Puerto Rico neighborhood that Trump visited

Torrential rains washed away weeks of clean-up and brought new problems for Puerto Ricans on Monday.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 10:08 pm

Floating hospital sits empty near Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico's health system struggles to cope from Hurricane Maria's destruction, the US Navy Ship Comfort, a state-of-the-art floating hospital, sits offshore with more than 200 empty beds. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 10:14 pm

Trump allies worry that losing House means impeachment

Top White House aides, lawmakers, donors and political consultants are privately asking whether President Donald Trump realizes that losing the House next year could put his presidency in peril.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 3:41 pm

Xi Jinping's big moment has finally arrived

Posted on 17 October 2017 | 1:40 am

Anti-corruption journalist killed in car blast

Daphne Caruana Galizia, one of Malta's best known investigative journalists, was killed after a powerful blast blew up her car, local media reported Monday.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 3:15 pm

Why a Diwali firework ban won't help Delhi's pollution

October 19 marks the beginning of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights which across India is marked by colorful but polluting pyrotechnics.

Posted on 17 October 2017 | 2:04 am

McDonald's offers to lock up your smartphone for more family time

Nothing ruins lunchtime conversations more than a smartphone.

Posted on 17 October 2017 | 3:03 am

Dense stars collide, make gold

For the first time, two neutron stars in a nearby galaxy have been observed engaging in a spiral death dance around one another until they collided. What resulted from that collision is being called an "unprecedented" discovery that is ushering in a new era of astronomy, scientists announced Monday.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 7:25 pm

Is this audio injuring US staff in Cuba?

The Associated Press obtained recording of the sound that some US diplomats claim to have heard in Cuba as part of sonic attacks.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 10:37 pm

How to buy citizenship around the world

Turns out money doesn't just buy a glamorous vacation in the Caribbean or a killer suite in Quebec -- it can buy residency too.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 3:27 pm

US launches first airstrike against ISIS in Yemen

US forces conducted airstrikes against two ISIS training camps in Yemen on Monday, killing dozens of ISIS fighters and "disrupting the organization's attempts to train new fighters," according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

Posted on 16 October 2017 | 8:23 pm