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The WHO should sound the alarm on Wuhan coronavirus

As the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread around the world, the World Health Organization's decision to hold off on declaring the outbreak "a public health emergency of international concern" is baffling.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 10:16 pm

US arranging charter flight to evacuate diplomats and citizens out of China

The US government is arranging a charter flight to evacuate American diplomats and citizens from the Chinese city that has become ground zero for a new deadly strain of coronavirus, a US official with knowledge of the matter told CNN Saturday.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 1:27 pm

This is the bar Trump's defense needs to clear

On Saturday, President Trump's defense team, as expected, simply brushed aside mountains of evidence and testimony -- including a new audio recording -- that shows a concerted effort from the White House to leverage aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations that would politically benefit the President.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 4:31 pm

Boeing's huge 777-9X airplane takes its first flight

The world's longest and largest twin-engine airliner, the Boeing 777-9X has finally taken to the skies for its maiden flight, offering a ray of hope for the troubled US aviation company following months of grim headlines.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 9:02 pm

Louise Linton sides with Greta Thunberg after husband Steve Mnuchin takes jab at activist

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton on Saturday showed support for climate activist Greta Thunberg, days after her husband took a jab at the teenager.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 7:34 pm

Ugandan climate activist cropped out of photo with white peers

The Associated Press news agency (AP) has apologized after cropping a Ugandan climate activist from a photograph where she had posed with her white peers after a press conference in Davos, Switzerland.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 11:03 am

In the camp world of K-pop, it's hard for stars to be gay

On a brightly lit stage, two male K-pop stars with glowing skin and perfectly coiffed hair are nibbling either end of the same long, chocolate stick.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 8:49 pm

Republic Day 2020: Join India's great big constitution party

India is the world's largest democracy, and it's serious about its constitution. The country goes all out to celebrate its remarkable achievement in self-governing each Republic Day.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 9:43 pm

A 4-year-old accidentally shot while play-wrestling with his father has died, police say

A 4-year-old Indiana boy who was accidentally shot in the head while play-wrestling with his father has died, authorities said.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 12:22 pm

Man charged with human trafficking after police allege he kept sex slave for 5 years

A North Carolina man is facing a human trafficking charge after police alleged he kept a person in sexual servitude for five years.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 9:00 pm

Death toll rises to 29 and at least 1,400 injured in Turkey earthquake

At least 29 people died and more than 1,400 are injured in eastern Turkey after an earthquake rattled the region on Friday evening, according to authorities.

Posted on 25 January 2020 | 3:06 pm